Cannot delete or format partition on usb with Rockstor installed

Need help deleting and formating my usb stick which has rockstor in it. All linux and windows based partition managers have failed.

Hello ig33ku,

How exactly did your prior attempts fail? Normally I would advise what you might have done already: plugging it into a different computer and using its OS to format. Or else, boot a gparted live image from another USB stick to do the same.

It says there is an error with the device want deleting any of the 3 partitions on it created by Rockstor install. I have this problem on three sticks in case you were wondering if it was stick failure.

Used gparted, got two formated correctly, the one with the 3 partition btrfs, ex4 and linux swap can’t be deleted or formated even though the operation says completed it comes back.

Nevermind, high probably it is drive failure. I just buy a new one.

Without any notifications or errors? Did you also try unmounting it manual through gparted (if possible) and try to reformat to something like FAT32?

If none of those things work then it might just be a failure as you suspect. One last thing you could try is running a tool like badblocks on the drive to find out whether this is the case, as described for example in this post:

Thanks I’ll give it a try. BTW I did try to unmount and format, along terminal commands for fdisk. Didn’t work, I always get partition/disk is read only.