Cannot detect drives on a Addon card


I am trying out Rockstor. Here is my setup.

1 onboard SATA - 32 GB SSD for OS
4 onboard SATA - 1 TB HDD
1 onboard SATA - 250 GB HDD
2 addon SATA (PCIE Card) - 250 GB HDD

Installation goes fine but Rockstor detects only onboard SATA drives. The addon card drives are detected during bootup by PC but do not show up on Rockstor. The card is using a Marvell 88SE9120 chipset.

What am I doing wrong? Please help

@asapkota Welcome to the Rockstor community.

The only thing I can think of / find for now is from:-

“There is a bug in the firmware of some Marvell adapters (at least 88SE91xx) that prevents it from properly detecting attached devices if you have VT-D enabled in your computer’s BIOS. As a workaround disable VT-D! (see this bug report. Many thanks to Adalbert for finding this out!)”

I know the drives are detected / shown during POST but that may be a different mechanism than the one the kernel request when scanning for drives.

Worth a try, especially since it’s just a bios switch.

And with a quick scan of the quoted kernel bug report it looks like they are lining up the fix to be included in the 4.2 kernel and I suspect @suman will be moving Rockstor to 4.2 as soon as humanly / and reasonably possible as there are some qgroup bits and bobs he was after.

Note also that there is specific mention of your 88SE9120 variation in there right near the end at least.

Thanks for the help.

Turning off VT-d on the BIOS did not help. I will wait for the update to 4.2.

@asapkota That’s a shame. Thanks for the feedback and let us know how it goes.
I only skimmed through that kernel thread, it might have reference to other stuff you can ‘just do’ in the mean time.

I just upgraded to 3.8-3 and now it is recognizing all the drives. Thanks

@asapkota That’s great. Wasn’t expecting it though. 3.8-3 and 3.8-2 for that matter have kernel version 4.1, where as the currently newest iso (3.8.0) has 4.0.2 so a bit strange. Anyway if your now sorted then dandy.
Thanks for letting the forum know how it’s going and it would be very useful if you could keep us posted on how you get on with the 4.2 kernel upgrade when that comes along, or anything else for that matter.