Cannot import degraded pool info after OS reinstall

Forgot about this one :slight_smile:

Scenarios to reproduce:

  • Degraded pool RAID56 (I think it can be any type of degraded pool but at least to be able to mount it as degraded).
  • Reinstall Rockstor with OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 (Don’t think that this is a distro related thing).
  • Go to Storage -> Disks -> And click import pool info from one of the HDDs. An error will occur and Rockstor will not be able to do this.
    If you mount the pool manually from CLI in a degraded state, then Rockstor can successfully import the pool information.

As this seems to be more like a future then a bug, it will be nice instead of the error to have a message as most of the unskilled users will have trouble to work around this. A nice popup with "before importing pool information type in CLI “# mount -t btrfs -o degraded /dev/[disk that was clicked] /mnt2/mountpoint”.


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@shocker Hello again.

I can chip in on this one.

Yes, this capability was added in the following:

Agreed, at least we should have some indication of this in the docs. But so we have a record here, the solution it so mount, as you indicated (almost), in the expected mount point of:


As Rockstor checks to see if a mount at that point exists first, and if not then it goes for that mount and then fails. So if it’s already there, using the ‘by hand’ degraded or what ever, there we have an effective work around.

Definitely needs re-visiting re usability, thanks for bringing this up and sharing your findings. Much appreciated. The first step here would be advise on this in the docs as the code side will take a little longer. And if anyone fancies jumping in there code wise, be advised that I’m currently making fairly major changes to some of the associated code, at least, in my current pending/ongoing pull request to improve things ready for the Stable Channel rpm release on openSUSE. There after would be a good time to look again I’d say as that file will then have been moved to our new black formatting that is slowly becoming a project wide ‘feature’ as each issue changes files. We also have some preparation ongoing for the Python 2 to 3 move. So we really need to get that all lined up ready to more easily accommodate these nice-to-haves. However, this may be a relatively easy ‘catch’, and as you say would be a nice feature, especially for those less familiar.


Yup this can be easily reproduced on a VM. Let me know when the beta is out with all the goodies to try it out. I don’t mind breaking the GUI on my server as most of the time I’m using CLI :slight_smile:

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