Can't access to Web interface Rockstor 3.9.0 on VMware Fusion

Hi everyone,

I have installed Rockstor on VMWare and i launched the virtual machine but i can’t access the web pannel.

I have try to execute /opt/rockstor/bin/initrock but it is ok

What happen ?
Thanks a lot for reply

Ok, i restart all of the rocktor services and now it work fine :slight_smile:

@loic.lopez Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.
Glad your up an running.

Originally I thought it might have been http (not working) rather than https (working) as a typo when you first attempted Web UI access but given you are now in; could it have been just a timing thing? On slower hardware it can take Rockstor up to 4 minutes or so on first boot to get it’s act together and this can be long enough for people to consider something is wrong and start starting and stopping things from under it. There are plans to address this delay but just wondered if your experience could have been accounted for by that initial delay. Ie 4 mins after the console message first displays. Though mostly much much quicker thankfully.

Hope that helps.

it’s possible to make an redirection from http to https ?


It used to be that way but was removed to free up port 80 for use by a Rock-on. But there is now a Rock-on that undoes this, if need be: submitted by @nfriedly:

Which was a response to the following forum post:

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