Can't change network settings


I’m now running a version 4 after version 3 data disks btrfs died (with offsite nas working, nothing was lost that I couldn’t get back :)).

I have two gigabit ethernet’s connected to unifi switch, problem is that it seems to switch Bond macs on every boot so DHCP reservation doesn’t work and trying to switch Bond0 settings to manual IP does nothing (Submit button just goes back to network list).

Did force it on command line with:

nmcli connection modify Bond0 ethernet.cloned-mac-address ETH0_MAC_HERE

However should probably work out of the box?


Hi @Jorma_Tuomainen,

First of all, my apologies for the silence to your problem; I’m glad you were able to find a solution nonetheless and thank you for sharing it here!

Back when you originally posted your problem, I looked it up and my understanding was that it was an expected behavior by NetworkManager that seems to use the mac address of the first interface (of the bond) coming up. I agree with you that this is something that should work out of the box, but before forcing something like that in Rockstor web-UI, I personally would prefer to make sure it wouldn’t actually cause more problems for most users…
One solution I would see would be to offer this as an option, however. We could surface an option as follows, based on a drop-down menu:

set bond’s MAC addres to:

  • auto (default NetworkManager setting)
  • Interface 1
  • Interface 2

Would that fit what you would have needed?

Either way, would you mind creating an issue in our Github repo and linking to your post here so that we can keep track of this one and see its context?

Thanks a lot for sharing your solution, and sorry again for the silence from my end.