Can't create snapshots


I can create snapshots fine by command:

[root@nas03 mnt2]# bbtrfs subvolume snapshot /mnt2/pool02/share02 /mnt2/pool02/share02/snapshot
Create a snapshot of ‘/mnt2/pool02/share02’ in ‘/mnt2/pool02/share02/snapshot’

[root@nas03 mnt2]# btrfs subvolume list /mnt2/pool02/share02
ID 1686 gen 251118 top level 258 path snapshot

But Rockstor errors:

I’d have thought “ERROR: unable to assign quota group:Invalid argument” would occur if quotas were disabled on this share, but I can see they’re enabled :

[root@nas03 mnt2]# btrfs qgroup show /mnt2/pool02/share02
qgroupid rfer excl

0/1686 2.62TiB 112.00KiB

I’ve had to disable quotas on my other pool (btrfs quota disable /mnt2/pool01), because quota rescanning this pool consumes too much memory, but I can’t see how this is relevant, especially because I thought quota functionality was disabled in Rockstor currently due to instability of this feature in btrfs, so I’m confused why there appears to be dependency on this. Is this a bug?