Can't delete rouge snapshot. Please help

Hi All

I’ve got two Rockstor boxes: Alpha and Beta. I’d like to set it up so that Alpha replicates its shares to Beta, but things have gotten a bit out of whack.

As an aside - I did have this working, but larger shares failed to replicate and then errored on subsequent attempts. I then tried to set up link aggregation with 3 NICs and that has just screwed up both boxes, so I’m starting from scratch again. No data lost though.

As a test I replicated a share from Beta up to Alpha, but now I can’t delete that share, either through the GUI or via the command line (SSH).

Trying to Delete or Force Delete via the GUI gives this error:

Unknown client error doing a DELETE to /api/shares/.snapshots/15E39A00-1DD2-11B2-8000-A0B3CCDF1E81_TempBackups/TempBackups_1_replication_1

When I click on the .snapshots/15E39A00… link it just throws me back to the Dashboard.

Trying to delete via the command line (as root) also fails, with operation not permitted:

[root@rockstoralpha dom]# btrfs sub delete /mnt2/.snapshots/15E39A00-1DD2-11B2-8000-A0B3CCDF1E81_TempBackups/TempBackups_1_replication_1
Delete subvolume (no-commit): ‘/mnt2/.snapshots/15E39A00-1DD2-11B2-8000-A0B3CCDF1E81_TempBackups/TempBackups_1_replication_1’
ERROR: cannot delete ‘/mnt2/.snapshots/15E39A00-1DD2-11B2-8000-A0B3CCDF1E81_TempBackups/TempBackups_1_replication_1’: Operation not permitted

Any suggestions what I need to do to fix things and remove this .snapshot share?