Can't get a working system shell

I switched the service on. (shell in a box)

To begin with I got “Bad Gateway”. After reading other posts I went to the configuration of the service and clicked “apply” without changing anything.

Now I get a shell but it just says “connection closed”. there is a connect button but clicking it seems to have little effect (a slight flicker maybe).

I try changing the service config to use ssh.
Now I get a user/password prompt in the shell -> but cant log in. I am using the same user/pw that I log into the web interface with.

any help?

Hi, one thing I know about Rockstor, is that to log in using SSH, you have to do so using root.

ssh root@(insert ip address or domain name here)
Then use your root password.

I’ve also been having issues with the System Shell from within the GUI but just use SSH now.