Can't get the d*mn email alerts to work

Well I finally read the changelog for the latest testing update, and it was mostly regarding enhancing / fixing e-mail alerts.

A function I have never gotten to work.

But reading the changelog I decided to give it another try. But something goes terribly wrong.

I have set up a hotmail account for sending the messages, and will be sending them to my primary gmail account.

I have input all the fields:

correctly, and set up the receiver adress.

I hit “Test current SMTP params” and get this:

But when I hit save (submit) I end up at the startup page for email notifications, and nothing is being saved.

Why is my email setup not being saved?

I must add, that I have tried from Firefox, MS Edge, IE, and Chrome, and it wont work in either of the programs.

When I hit submit nothing seems to happen, and I either end up at the dashboard or at the page for email setup.

I can confirm the strange behavior.

I was on 3.8-14.07 with a gmail address set up and everything was working.
After the update to 3.8-14.08, no account is listed on the web-UI, but when trying to add the gmail address as before, I observe the same behavior as described above. The SMTP settings test is successful, but upon “Submit” of the settings, I’m brought back to an empty home page for email alerts.

I could’t find anything related to mail in the logs but I may have not looked at the right place. Thanks for letting me know if you’d like some specific logs.

Hi all @KarstenV and @Flox, going to investigate it tomorrow:
had to rebase last pull request so maybe there’s a minor issue, sorry for that, going to solve asap!!



No problem at all, I simply wanted to confirm it.
Thanks for doing all of this!

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Hi all, GOT IT!

@suman need your help: manually added <script src="/static/js/lib/additional-methods.min.js"></script> on email config page and it works fine.
Second test, moved back to fields checks without pattern etc etc and it was working so it’s just a missing dependency ( additional-methods.min.js on rockstor jslib, but not loaded - checked over a page loaded js libs too )


Addendum to @suman - new pull request ready to merge, add missing dependency - once again sorry guys! Flyer

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