Can't Import previous disk data after installing 4.5.8

I have had to install a new version of Rockstor and that went just fine. When I try to import my old data from the 2 disks I had hooked up previously using the small down arrow icon I get the following message.
"RockStorAPIException: ['Another pool (ROOT) has a share with this same name (Documents) "

How do I get around this?

@fwinograd Hello again.

We basically have a single name policy on the system for btrfs subvolumes. This message indicates that your System pool (Labelled “ROOT”) already has a share name (btrfs subvolume) named “Documents”. So we back-out from the import as there can be only one btrfs subvolume called “Documents” on the system. And there appears to already be on call that on the system drive.

Note that using the system drive (Labelled “ROOT”) for shares (btrfs subvolumes) is not advisable as it can have no redundancy and is lost/overwritten completely during a re-install. Entirely possible of course to maintain flexibility, but does put one in spot when the single drive it depends upon dies.

So in short you likely have created, accidentally or on purpose, a share on the System drive (“ROOT” label) that is named “Documents”. This is blocking the import of your ‘data’ pool according to this message.

Let us know if this rings a bell? As if this share is as-yet unused (contains no data), given it’s a new install of 4.5.8-0, then you can simply delete this “Documents” share on the ROOT (system) pool and your import of your data pool should then no-longer be blocked by this event. But if there is data in this “Documents” subvol on the system drive then it’s more involved. And you will have to remove that data before removing (deleting) that share. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a ‘share’ rename capability: but we are close to implementing one. But this won’t be before our next stable release.

Let us know if this sounds like whats happened and we can take it from there.

Hope that helps.


Sorry for the late delay in getting back to you. You sent me an email and I replied but it appears it bounced, Anyway, I decided to do a new install and that fixed the issue. Thanks for you very quick response.


@fwinograd Hello again, and glad you got sorted.

It was likely a notification email form the forum. The are no-reply type emails so I expect that was the issue there. Support email is best if needed - but forum is generally better as more folks/minds/knowledge/time-zones etc :).

Thanks for the update.

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