Cant successfully connect ESXi via NFS41 to RockStor NFS export

Hi there - brand new to Rockstor but so far I’m really liking it! It completely resolved my issue with ESXi giving me terrible disk performance when connected locally :slight_smile:

My use case testing for now is leveraging RockStor as an NFS server for holding datastores for my ESXi server. I went through setting up my 2x2TB HDD’s in Raid 0 and then creating the Share + NFS export however, when I attempt to create/connect the datastore on the ESXi side, it seems to successfully mount but I cant actually browse or look at the datastore, let alone create files in it.

I do the same process for NSF3 in ESXi and it works…the caveat being that I seem to have to change the share permissions to allow ‘other’.

So my question is…what ‘user’ do I put into the Username/Pass field in ESXi when connecting via NSF4? I tried copying what the ‘Share’ ownership says in Rockstor’s UI but that doesn’t seem to work. Any guidance is appreciated.