Change or remove storage mapping for an installed Rock-on

I was wondering if it’d be possible to change storage mappings after I’ve added a Rock-on. I can add storage just fine, but once I’ve decided on the locations, there’s no UI for me to change that. Ideally, that’d be added.
In the mean time, I’m sure the various settings are stored somewhere - is there a way for me to tinker with those, or am I just going to have to remove and re-add the “offending” Rock-on?

@doenietzomoeilijk Hello again.

Short of editing the db, which is obviously pretty hairy: yes a remove and re-add is pretty much the only way currently. Our current implementation, short of the add storage, is essentially a one shot wizard deal. Not ideal, and room for improvement but an important element is to keep things as simple as possible: and the more tweak we add the greater the risk it ends up being a confusion of options. We do have a number of issues open on rock-on improvements and the closest to your suggestion would seem to be:

by forum member and rockstor-core code contributor @dilli.

Hope that helps.

Hey Philip,

Yes, that seems like a choose candidate, of course it’s not just shares that might need a tweak later on.

I also agree that keeping things simple is desirable, But I’m not sure I’d go all the way of not wanting to enable editing. That’s a separate matter, however, and for now my question is answered. I’ll either re-add or horse around in the database. :wink:

To expand upon this it would be awesome to be able to select a sub-directory of a share to use for volumes in a rock on. Such as with sickrage and/or plex.