Changed IP and can't access web interface [SOLVED]

For various reasons I changed the NAS IP address to a 10.0.x.x from a 192.168.1.x. Additionally I used nmtui to create a bond using NetworkManager. Everything is working as expected, with the notable exception of the web interface failing to respond on the new address.

Even after several reboots, the terminal suggests pointing my browser to the new IP address for management.

I suspect the problem is something telling nginx to listen to the wrong address. When I run a netstat -a I can see “something” sending a SYN_SENT message to the old IP address on the https port.

However, I can’t find any configuration file anywhere telling nginx to listen on the old 192.168.1.x address.

Since I didn’t use the web-ui to change the address (obviously, it doesn’t support bonding), is there some hidden configuration that I can fix to point to the new correct IP address?


Have you accessed the SSH console? What does ifconfig say is the IP address?

The problem was nginx failing to start because it couldn’t obtain an access token from the invalid management IP. I manually edited /opt/rockstor/etc/ngnix/ngnix.conf with the correct new IP address in the 10.0.x.x subnet. Then I started ngnix using supervisorctl. This allowed me to log into the web interface on the new IP address.

However, on reboot, the bootstrap service failed once again. Checking the nginx.conf file showed the old incorrect management IP address again. I’m assuming this is because all config files are rebuilt during a boot up using values stored in a database.

I was able to fix it by bringing nginx up manually again and using the web interface, changing the management IP. After reboot, I used nmtui to rebuild the bond interface. Subsequent reboot worked as expected and the management interface is the bond.

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Nice work @baldusjm and you are right, the ip in nginx.conf gets updated on startup. Rockstor is not yet smart enough to pickup manually configured bonded interface. Here’s something you can try so it makes nginx listen on every interface of the system. In the web-ui’s System -> Network interfaces screen, you could edit any interface whose role is “management” and set the role to something else, like “unassigned”. This should prevent the rockstor service from updating the nginx config file with that particular interface’s ip.

I haven’t tried this myself, so can’t guarantee it works. But it seems you are comfortable enough to tweak configs manually, so good luck!

btw, bonding and teaming features are getting to the top of the list very soon.