Changing the text on LCD screen on WD DX4000

Hello, I have a little pebble, this one:

And when running Rockstor the small LCD blue screen at the front of the NAS shows something like it’s still loading or looking for system or something, but rockstor is working perfectly.

Is there some way to change that? I’ll be happy if it shows a simply ‘Rockstor’ as text in the screen. Also the led blinks all the time, like when loading the system.


@leondante Hello again.

This is really a question best asked on a WD Sentinel DX4000 forum, making sure that you indicate you have a linux installed (CentOS 7.* in the case of Rockstor). It may even be that there is no opensource solution to this display.

Let us know if you do manage to find out though. It will probably involve installing or compiling some additional software that knows of this display and possibly some configuration as to what you want it to display.


After a quick google, it looks like you should be able to control the DX4000 LCD with lcdproc.
This is the forum post I found:

This topic is regarding both the LEDs (which nobody seems to have solved) and the LCD display.
The last post contains the meat of the information, though the linked document is dead.

Note that this is something not supported by Rockstor (AFAIK anyway), so the easiest solution would be to just drop something into /etc/rc.local. Alternatively, you could look at running up something more dynamic, and display some informational data on the display (free space, etc), but you’d need a service or cronjob to manage this I think.

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