Clone shares to new pool and migrate rockons?

Hi Rockstor Community,

Up until now, for testing purposes, I’ve had Rockstor running with a primary pool comprised of a 5x2Tb spare disks.
I’m now at the point where I’d like to change these over to a new pool that I plan to create with brand new disks.

The current primary pool is >80% usage, and it appears that the clone feature works on the current pool - meaning I cannot fit the clone. (Unless I’m missing something in the docs?)

Is there a way of doing this, or would my best practise be something more like:

Add all new disks to existing pool
For each old disk
    Remove each old disk, one-by-one

Until all old disks are out of the way?

Hello, this is old I know, and my answer probably won’t help much since I’m no expert on this, but I would guess that your suggested method may be a bad idea since that will put each of the drives through a lot of stress during the rebuild process not just once but multiple times. And from what I’ve read (luckily not observed yet) is that even one rebuild can be enough to bring an old drive to its knees if it is already near dead. That may not be your case if your drives are new but I’d look into it before trying that option just to be sure you don’t put your drives through unnecessary wear and tear.

I’m pretty sure there is a way to do what you want though, since BTRFS supports cloning itself from one drive to another, even over the network, I just haven’t done it myself (yet).