[Closed] SFTP - Filezilla


just noticed that SFTP file is not showing up as described when connecting with SFTP.

Any special things I need to pay attention to when creating user?

@bug11 The SFTP user has to be the owner of an exported SFTP share. Could that be it? Ie See Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP) in the docs. Specifically the The Rockstor SFTP System. Section.

Hope that helps.

Trouble is, I have followed the usual setup in that link. And I cannot find how to fix it.

The username used for sftp login, is the owner of that specific share. But it still does not show up as in the usermanual

EDIT, for some reason, it suddenly started. I dont know what happened. But solved

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@bug11 Thanks for the update and glad it’s now working for you.