Command line/terminal access from WebUI

I’ve used previously Openmediavault and liked the plugin “Shellinabox” in order to get easy access to the command line via the web interface/browser.
Currently I use “putty” out of my Windows environment in order to enter the command line…

  • Is there any similar plugin foressen for Rock-ons?
  • Is there any interest from other users to get such a feature?
  • Is there any existing docker image that could be added manually?


Yes, there exist at least two Docker images based on Shellinabox. DIY :wink:

Hi @glenngould, actually Rockstor is missing a shellinabox like solution, but it’s on Rockstor roadmap :wink:


Are you volunteering yourself? :slight_smile:

This is my “Rockstor style” answer : :grin:

I remember about our talks about that and i think it can be an interesting one!


Ref to github issue, started working on it :slight_smile:


Thank you guys - looking forward in testing it :slight_smile: