Company name clash?

When I googled today for “RockStor, Inc.”, I stumbled by accident across This is a company that seems to be longer in the Business of selling Storage Solutions than you are. The two names Rockstor and Rocstor are almost identical and you are operating in the same business.

I don’t know if Rocstor has a trademark on their name and I am also not very fluent in the US legal system, I just know that US companies like lawsuits, especially when they want to crush a competitor.

Just to be clear, I am in no way connected to Rocstor and wish you no harm. I really just want you to be aware of this company name similarity.

I really like Rockstor from what I have seen and think you have a bright future. It’s also very rare to have the developers actively responding to forum posts and fixing reported bugs in such as short time span as you do. I am impressed.

I the end, I don’t know if this post is important, please form your own opinion and continue developing a great product.

PS: Edited the post to clarify the message.

Tom, Thanks for sharing your concern and feedback. Back when I started Rockstor, they did not come up in search. Or may be I did not search hard enough, it was pretty difficult to come up with the name Rockstor as is :frowning: However, I became aware of them soon after but I didn’t and still don’t think we are in competition or cause each other harm. But you are right about the litigious nature of US companies. Thanks for humbly articulating your concern and sharing that you are indeed a caring community member.

This topic is important in that we can’t allow stuff like this distract us from doing good FOSS work or hurt the well being of the project, team and the community.

In that spirit, I wish to put this topic on temporary hold while we figure out if we need to take any precautionary steps. I request anyone reading this topic to PM me directly if you have any specific thoughts or ideas to share in this matter.