Compare unRaid to Rockstor


How does unRaid compare to Rockstor. The storage engine looks interesting (if a little drive heavy)? Im currently evaluation Rockstor in an old AMD am3 box which I am trying to push the power consumption down on. On that score my htpc box seems to have stolen my new super efficient power supply. It was that good.

PS Rockstor seems great aside from the one small issue of the rockons not auto restarting on host reboot. Ive been a Centos user for years. I wonder what would happen with virtualmin on it??

Sometime back, I came across a chart that compares unRaid to BTRFS (this study focuses more on SnapRaid, than unRaid or BTRFS, but nonetheless, gives some information) .

It is stated that BTRFS provides only command line, but Rockstor provides a Web UI as well. I don’t have more to add, hopefully other forum members can add more to this discussion.


Well it is not apple to apple comparison, btrfs is a file system, rockstor is an interface to a file system, they compliment each other not compete.

As for op question, I used ti run unpaid.
Not sure how it is today, but couple of years back unraid did not support btrfs, it used old fs like raizfs.
Unraid is based in Slackware, also not very popular os even now. And license are different. Free version limits you to 2 drives. No other options
Rockstor is not limited or custom build os.
It uses standard centos kernel. Slightly advanced build from epel, but still a standard kernel. So you are getting a full fledged os underneath.
Grunted compaired to unraid ability of running on a usb flash stick it might be a limitation but personally I think it’s advantage.

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