Compression on share not getting set properly

the compression to be used is not getting set properly when creating a share when selecting “inherit”

Compression doesn't work addresses this but it should be fixed by now, pool and shares are created with an up-to-date version (3.8.3)

@felixbrucker sorry for the delay in my response. Could you provide more details please? I’ll test it out soon, but if you could detail the steps, what you expected to see versus the reality with as much detail as possible, it will help.

sure thing:

  1. create a pool and set compression to lzo
  2. create a share on this pool and leave compression on “inherit from pool wide configuration” which should be lzo getting set automatically
  3. after creating the share the Share-Page shows “compression: no” for this newly created share which should have lzo set

Thanks @felixbrucker turned out to be a minor display issue on the ui. Just fixed it in this commit. Just in time for 3.8-4 update.