Confused about openvpn

Hello, I’m wondering if someone can help me out by clarifying some confusion I have. I’ve been running rockstor for a few months. I was able to install and run openvpn on my server and was able to download and configure the client software on two local pcs and another pc off site. I was under the impression that the openvpn on my server would have gave me access to shares on my server on my off site pc, but I’m thinking that’s not the purpose of the vpn server. What am I not seeing? The pcs all connected fine and connection was successful. Is my data just being encrypted through the vpn to my server? I’m new to linux and just wanted some clarification. TIA

What a VPN does is, basically, give you a way to remotely tap into your network connection. What you do with that connection after that is up to you. So if you have a file share on your server, you could connect to your VPN, and after that you can connect to the share as if you were on the same network.

So while it may aid in getting access to your shares, the VPN bit is just the tunnel over which that happens.

Does that clear things up?


Thanks for the response, so basically I’ve got the right idea. I did connect my off site pc to the vpn. Now when I went looking for my shares I did not find them. I assumed it would be a straight forward process; I would open the network folder and be able to see the shares or type in the server address on the Windows navigation bar. I had no luck doing so. What would be the correct process of accessing my shares on the off site pc?

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Got it working, not sure what happened the first go around but I got it working now.

@Emmanuel_perez Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for the update.

Glad you got it sorted.