Connect Rockon nextcloud to use mariadb (mysql) instead of sqlite

Hi, did anybody managed to setup nextcloud Rock-On with connection to mariadb during first configuration? I tried to set parameters in config.php but mysql is ignored an setup will configure sqlite3 only.
I tried ownCloud-official Rockon and was asked to configure e.g. MariaDB with parameters dbuser, dbpassword, dbname and also dbserver. Everything worked and I was able to setup ownCloud using the database of my MariaDB Rock-On.
Is there a way to configure nextcloud using MariaDB Rock-on, similar to OwnCloud Rock-On?



@anborn Hello again.

@Flox recently mentioned NextCloud Rock-on with MySQL in the following post:

which in turn links to a GitHub rockon-registry discussion concerning offering a more ‘capable’ NextCloud rockon.

Hope that helps, at least for context.

Thanx Philip,
I will try a little more Patience an start with OwnCloud for now.


So it as been about 4 months since the last update on the GitHub rockon-registry discussion.
Is there any development on a possibility of having a NextCloud Rocks-on that the db can “easily” migrated to MySQL/MariaDB… or all is alted for the RockStorOpenSuse developpement?