Connect Win10 Pro PC to Rockstor share

Hi all
Im using Rockstor now since two weeks and im generaly happy with one little point.
How do i connect my win10 pro PC to the rockstor share?
I like to copy some file to it but i cant because im not using win10 enterprise.

Thx in advanced for your support.

Cheers from switzerland

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Hi @Jmani Jörg and welcome to Rockstor Community!

To access a Rockstor share from any other win machine you have to set a samba share and make it accessible to you machine/user.

Please take a look to Rockstor Documentation for Samba, where probably you’ll find all that you need ( and if you need further infos come here again and ask :slight_smile: )



Hi Mirko
Thx it worked :slight_smile

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