Connecting rockstor server without router

i am having a dual gigabit lan ports on my motherboard. one of them stays ideal all the time. so i was thinking if i can connect one of port directly to server with windows pc and can transfer files at higher speeds. is that possible to connect the port without router, as i have tried for freenas it doesnt works.

Hi @pavan740,
short answer : yes you can

better answer : yes you can, having good tcp/ip settings (ex. machine 1 with and subnet and machine 2 with and same subnet) while using a cross ethernet cable

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You can buy one or build one


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You absolutely don’t need crossover cable unless you have some really old hardware. Any modern chip can identify and swap pairs has needed internally.

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Not having infos about @pavan740 nics I consider worst case…but please check that Wikipedia page till the end “Automatic crossover” :wink:

thank you. for showing interest i have connected the server directly to pc. the network place dont shows up any connected devices. on the other side if i connect a windows server to pc the server shows up. so then i came up with an solution tfor rockstor server i assign a static ip to my computer eg: and assigned lan port) without any DNS. then it shows up but this is not a practically solution for the problem. now if a connect with internet on pc then i have to remove those assigned ip.