Considering Rockstor but additional input needed

So, I’m in the process of building a general dogs body Homelab + NVR + NAS + Plex server.
I would love to physically separate the homelab from the ‘stable’ NAS & NVR, but budgets & getting it past the (long suffering) wife make that difficult.

My idea was to have CentOS as the host, with KVM and Docker \ Kubernetes essentially on bare metal. However, my query comes to the NAS portion of my setup and where to place it.
With Rockstor, could I have that as the base OS and then run KVM along side it? Not sure if running kubernetes would mess up Rockstor’s Docker implementation.
I need to be able to run a Windows VM as I really want to use BlueIris CCTV software (Zoneminder sucks and Shinobi simply isn’t ready yet IMO).
At the same time, I want to keep my VM footprint low. So running Rockstor as a VM is doable, but not ideal.