Consolidated HDD health (S.M.A.R.T.) page/management

The current path to view HDD health information and run tests, etc. is cumbersome when you have a lot of drives, because you need to drill down through each drive before you can see anything or take any action.

A dedicated page for monitoring and managing the health of your drives would be great!

Some ideas

  • go ahead and print the attributes of every drive on a single page. It’s okay if this page is a mile long and I need to a bunch of scrolling. With my browser’s find feature, ctrl + f ‘sdk’ will quickly jump me to the /dev/sdk information. Putting it all on one page is a good thing!
    If you can dynamically create a compact list of devices with # links to jump to that position in the page that would be some cool special sauce, but IMO using my browser’s find feature is perfectly fine.
  • allow me to bulk execute commands. I might want to run a short test on 5 drives and it would be nice to check a box next to those 5 and then click the run short self test button.
  • self test scheduling. per drive is fine, but per pool would be very cool.

Thanks for these really good ideas. They will be very useful when we rework the HDD monitoring interface.

Here’s the issue I’ve created to see we don’t lose track of the request.

I would like to see something on the dashboard showing disk health.
Green = all good
Yellow = performance bottleneck or other issues
Red = Failed/missing or close to