Consumer warning - Toshiba MD04ACA600 disks

Hi Rockstor users,


Today, I purchased 2xToshiba MD04ACA600 rotating rust disks (6Tb, 7200RPM).
These pieces of garbage truly live up to the aforementioned description.
Disks were received in sealed original packaging.

Received 1 functional disk and 1 DOA.
Had the RMA replaced within hours of purchase, only to find out that when I arrived home, the other from the original invoice had failed.
Both disks show the same symptoms. device not listed in BIOS or RAID card, strange repeated quiet siren sound when spun up (Like raising from low to high RPM then back)

I purchased these, as the technology for manufacturing these disks (supposedly) came from Hitachi (HGST) during the WD Buyout. My experience is that these are nowhere near as reliable as my old trusted HGSTs.