Copy from usb to share via terminal

Hi together,
my name is Christian and I’m changing from OMV to Rockstor. Before I buy an license, I want to fix my problem: the installation was fine, but I have following problem: How can I copy my Files from my external hdd (connected by usb) to may share in the terminal? If I plug in the usb device, it will be shown with command “lsblk”. Is the device mounted automatically and in case of yes, where is it mounted? thanks a lot for your help?


You can use standard linux mount procedures to mount the drive provided linux has support installed for the files system.

1 Create a folder in the /media folder for the name you want to mount to. It can be anything
2 Then mount the the drive. sudo mount /dev/{find name of usb} /media/{name in step 1}/

I use midnight commander for moving files in terminal.
yum install mc
then launch with comannd
mc you may need to use sudo mc if you have errors moving files.


Thank you for your help! I will try this at home this night.

I also don’t know about this part, thanks for your answers

It works! All files are copied. But I’ve found my hardisc at /dev/disk/by-label/ although it was mounted by USB.