Could I set multi share use all HDD space?

Rockstor must set every share hdd size.But if I have one disk is 10TB.I have create three shares and use this 10TB hdd size.I don’t make sure what share will use how many hdd size.

These shares use 10TB disk.I don’t want set these shares hdd size.Could I do it?

Hello @akong and welcome to the world of Rockstor.

If I am reading your post correctly I think you are asking about quotas (forgive me if I misunderstood).
Currently quotas are not enforced in Rockstor, so even though you might set a share size (quota), this is not enforced and so the share could potentially take up the whole of the disk space.
In your example above, share1, share2 and share3 will have access to all of the physical disk space to use - so the 10TB will be shared between them.
When I created my shares I just set the size to the whole available disk size in the webgui.
I hope I’ve been able to clarify this.


My English is not very good. When I create a share, rockstor asks me to set the share’s hard drive size, but I’m not sure how much this share will be used in the future. If I have multiple shares, I don’t know how much each share will be used in the future. Generally, it is set to share to the specified hard disk, and there is no need to specify the size of the share.

I try it.I know what is mean.Thanks a lot.

Hi again, no worries about your English.

Yes, that is the share quota. However currently this has no effect as quotas are not currently enforced in Rockstor. My advice would be to set the size to the max size of your disk (10TB). I’m wondering if @phillxnet or @Flox might correct me on this advice.

I know exactly what you mean, so I have just set my share ‘sizes’ to the full disk size, which means all shares have full access to the full physical disk size.
Imagine 3 directories on a HDD - they each can have access to the full drive until it is full, its a similar thing.