Could support active directory acl?

I set rockstor join windows active directory.I have set access control for users and group.But if my share need more access control.How to do it?I tested use windows explorer to add it.It’s will failed.

@akong Hello

Are you using the new Rockstor v4:

I’m unfortunately not that familiar myself with AD acl configuration. The current Rockstor developer who is most aware of this functionality is @Flox. Hopefully Flox or others familiar with Rockstor’s AD and ACL client side capabilities can chip in here also with some assistance.

If you could give details of what you requested and the error you received from the client machine that may well help others here chip in with advice.

Hope that helps.

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I has add two lines to Custom global configuration

vfs objects = acl_xattr
map acl inherit = yes

It’s can add other permission on windows explorer.Could add these setup to samba?


@akong Thanks for the suggestion.

To be clear, are you saying that when you added:

to the samba global config, you were then able to use acl functionality within you AD as you wanted?

If so then great.
And thanks again for your suggestion.

@Flox again I think this is more in your area. Looks pretty interesting and may be something we would want to either auto-add, or more likely at least document regarding AD configuration.