CPU temperature

Just a question really to the experts related to computer hardware.
I’ve been watching the core temperature of the cpu (E8500 on a DQ45CB) whilst Rockstor has been busy with saving and deleting files whilst the TV was receiving a film through Jellyfin.
I was doing this to ascertain whether the aged computer gear was up to the task, so using the Netdata Rockon sensors section, both cores were registering above 90 degrees C.
I understand the max sustainable temp to be 75C (Can’t really remember where that comes from). So, I now have further questions:

  1. How accurate is the net data sensor?
  2. Am I correct in thinking 90+ degC is not sustainable?
  3. Do I need to think about a replacement bit of kit (Does any reader have such kit for sale at reasonable prices?)
    Thanks Mike

@Mike-B Hello again.

Your could try checking if the heatsink and fan are still properly seated, and of course not full of dust say. And note that the “aged” bit could contribute to failing (dryed out) thermal paste. A good clean-up and fresh application of new paste could be all that is required here.

Keep us update here.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Phil, it’s not many months since i rebuilt the rig with fresh paste and a clean out, however, it’s still worth a look, especially the fans, unless its a high end unit, as it doesn’t create much sound.


Just for information, here’s a Intel temperature treatise that was posted on Tom’s Hardware forums …
not that this will fix your issue, but clarifies some temperature maximums and how to understand them.

Are you using Intel’s stock cooler for the CPU? If so, apparently it can come lose (one of the pins from the motherboard), which then of course doesn’t help the temp development:


Thanks Hoverdan, very useful reply, just waiting for a clear moment when i can investigate.

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After a coat of looking at, it was duscovered that indeed one fan post wasn’t secure leaving the cooling equipment able to rock on the processor. After a fix and a good vacuum the box was returned to service.
Maximum temperature observed through Netdata was 72C whilst saving files and utilising Jellyfin to watch a recorded tv show.
Interestingly, after saving was complete the temperature increased back to the 70’s i assume whilst balancing processes were completed ensuring raid 1 compliance
Thanks again for the invaluable help.