Create Pool button is greyed out. What can I do?

Create Pool button is greyed out. What can I do?

It’s possible that none of your disks are available.
The most likely cause for this is an existing partition table.
Rockstor requires that the disks have no partition table defined, nor any MD raid superblocks.

Assuming that you’re happy to lose everything stored on these disks, you need to prepare them for Rockstor to use.

WARNING: You will lose ALL data on these disks!

Go to the ‘storage’ menu and select 'disks’
For every disk that you intend to use in the pool that is unavailable in ‘Create Pool’, you should see a gear icon.
Click on it and you’ll be brought to a page titles Configure drive Role / Wipe existing Filesystem / LUKS Format Whole Disk.
Selcect “Whole Disk”, tick the option tick to wipe the data…
Click 'Submit’
Do this for all subsequent disks to be introduced to the pool.
These disks will now be available to create a pool on.

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If you hover on the disabled button, you should see an actionable tooltip

Thanks man. Forgot I had them in raid in another pc before