CSRF verification failed. Request aborted

I upgraded my machine from 3.8.13 to 3.8.14 yesterday and I bonded my two network connections. My UPC got overloaded for some reason and now when I connect to my box, I got the “CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.” after logging in

Any help would be appreciated

[ohmu log]$ tail dmesg
[ 5.149317] systemd-udevd[1354]: ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’ [2291] exit with return code 1
[ 5.149382] systemd-udevd[1354]: passed unknown number of bytes to netlink monitor 0x5648c76844c0
[ 5.149393] systemd-udevd[1354]: seq 2491 processed with 0
[ 5.149525] systemd-udevd[2302]: starting ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’
[ 5.150847] systemd-udevd[1349]: ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’(err) ‘/bin/mknod: ‘
[ 5.150881] systemd-udevd[1349]: ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’(err) ‘’/dev/btrfs-control’’
[ 5.150912] systemd-udevd[1349]: ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’(err) ‘: File exists’
[ 5.150936] systemd-udevd[1349]: ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’(err) ‘’
[ 5.151113] systemd-udevd[2303]: starting ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’
[ 5.151482] systemd-udevd[2304]: starting ‘/bin/mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234’

Ok, the problem goes away if I unplug the secondary network and connects to the first network’s IP (the bond interface got the secondary interface’s IP, I assigned an IP to the first interface through the router). I can log in fine with only the first network plugged in. I disable the bonded interface and so far everything seems to work ok