Daily Anacron Alerts?

Noob question: After setting up email alerts, why am I getting daily Anacron alerts with ‘The following updates will be downloaded on rockstor’? Are they downloaded every day? Why aren’t they being installed?
I have not subscribed yet - is that the problem?

Well this is discouraging - I don’t think I’m going to be moving from Synology to Rockstor when I can’t get a simple question answered on the forums. It’s a shame too because I’m a CentOS fan. Also seems like you need a hardware-based RAID card to really run this system. Not trolling, just disappointed.

Hi @JDubs and welcome to Rockstor,
sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

Yum alerts: you get them from yum available updates, so you’ll get them till we have yum updates : not Rockstor subscription related.

Working on Yum updates manager via WebUI, hopefully users will get them soon on Rockstor updates:

Once again welcome