Dashboard crashes chrome tab

Seen this a few times, usually if I forget to close the Rockstor tab where either the Tab will become unresponsive or it will get killed by chrome so you just get the sad face with the reload tab option,.

i second that !!!
Sometimes it unfreezes when switching tabs away and back to the rockstore tab.

Same for me, it’s been doing it since I first installed it but I’ve never gotten around to reporting it.

This is on multiple systems across different OS/Configurations so it looks like a Rockstor/Chrome issue.

I saw this too (didn’t test recently). I left firefox running for 24 hours open on the rockstor gui and had to kill it.

Does this happen only on dashboard screen or is it reproducible on all screens?

The dashboard will kill Firefox for me too, if left open for a long while.

I have seen it several times. Firefox doesn’t crash, just gets very slow to repond.

Not sure as it tends to be the dashboard I leave it on.

Ok, I’ve created a github issue so we don’t lose track of this. Thanks!

I found the same bug on 3.8-12,and it only happens on dashbord ,either chrome or firefox.Chrome console got this error,as follow picture


Thanks for reporting this @jimmy. I am aware of this, it’s been there for sometime now and apparently innocuous.

Im having the same issue also on the rock-ons page. It will not refresh when turning rock-ons on and off.