Dashboard widgets

After spending some time monitoring the dashboard on Rockstor I’ve found it to be missing some widgets that I think would be helpful.

  1. CPU/Core Temperature graph. To me it is important because of cats and dogs. fur gets caught in cooling fins and needs to be cleaned out every once in a while. lol

  2. SMART Disk Data. I was thinking it could be a red/yellow/green light next to drive ID where when you click the drive ID it shows the SMART Info. Lets you know if a drive is in pre-fail or fail status from SMART.

  3. per Pool Status. This is for Scrub/balance etc. With % finished. While the data is available in Rockstor it took some time to navigate to/find and would be nice to be able to just look at the dashboard and see.


@clink, like you, I like the idea of the additional widgets. I suspect, it will be a while before the development gets done for that with the various open development items to bring up things like the Django framework and underlying python to the later generations.

In the meantime, you could look at the netdata Rockon (any system parameter under the sun) as well as the Scrutiny Rockon (for SMART information/history).