Data invisible in Owncloud

I’ve been running Rockstor for a few weeks now and so far I love it. I have an Owncloud instance running with success so far. Everything was working perfectly so far until today.
When I tried login in to owncloud today, I had the following error:

Data directory (/var/www/owncloud/data) is invalid
Please check that the data directory contains a file ".ocdata" in its root.

Following this error message and information gathered about it on owncloud forum, I tried to fix the problem by creating an empty “.ocdata” file in this directory:

cd /mnt2/owncloud-data
touch .ocdata

This fixes the issue in the way that I can now have access to the login screen and can log in successfully with the owncloud user I created previously when it was working. The problem is that all data seems to be gone in the owncloud interface as only the “welcome.txt” file is present and nothing of the 27 GB of data I uploaded is present anymore. This is also what it seems like when looking at the data folder:

[root@rockstor owncloud-data]# pwd
[root@rockstor owncloud-data]# ls -la
total 24
drwxrwx--- 1   33   33    40 Apr 15 22:00 .
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root   274 Apr 14 18:11 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1   33   33 14336 Apr 15 22:00 cron.log
-rw-r----- 1   33   33   726 Apr 15 21:08 owncloud.log

So far everything seems to make sense, and as I still have the data that were in this folder somewhere else, I do not mind much. However, what is bugging me the most is that the space used by these files seems to be still used as shown below:

This odd observation is the reason why I am posting here (first, at least) rather than in the owncloud forum.
Would anyone here have an idea about what is happening here?
Also, I cannot figure out what triggered this error, which seems to have happened all of a sudden. I haven’t touched anything related to owncloud or its configuration (as far as I know) and the only change I made on Rockstor was the installation of the Sickbeard Rock-on (with creation of its specific user, shares, and permissions).

Thanks in advance for any of the help or pointers you would be able to provide!