"DContainer matching query does not exist" when adding rockon to rocknet

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So I installed the postgresql-10.6 rockon. When trying to add it to a rocknet I got the DContainer error. Sadly, I didn’t grab the full stack and instead tried to uninstall it, which seems to be hung. I also can’t delete the rockon with the delete-rockon binary. The container at least no longer shows up in docker ps. I wonder if the name of the container is messing up some internals.

EDIT: Had to quote the name to get the rockon deleted: /opt/rockstor/bin/delete-rockon "PostgreSQL 10.6"

Hi @freaktechnik,

Thanks for reporting this error!
That’s a curious one to receive as it would imply some disconnect in the databse somewhere.
Would it be reproducible on your end by any chance? If yes, we could see the full traceback and understand at which step it is occuring.

Yes, as you figured out, that script takes the rock-on name and not a container name, which means quotes are necessary for Rock-Ons with spaces in their name, for instance.