Deleting a user (newbie question)

I created a couple of users in Rockstor, and I would like to edit or delete one (“Kim” in the red box below). The docs say I should be able to but there is no edit nor trash can icon for non-admin users.

Is that a bug or do I simply userdel from a prompt?

Thanks ahead of time, I’ve only got a few hours of rockstor experience under my belt and I’m still working through the setup and UI.

@wdc, not entirely sure. When I create new users these days, I usually get the delete/edit action, so I am suprised that you don’t. Upon further investigation I found a couple of users that I had created a long time ago, where that is not the case …

Which Rockstor version are you running?

But, you can definitely use the prompt to do the user deletion… maybe @phillxnet can shed more light on this.

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Thank you, @Hooverdan. I’m on 4.12.4 (installed 3.9 and let it update to that yesterday). This one wasn’t a big issue by any means but it had me scratching my head.

That 4.12.4 is the Linux kernel version - the Rockstor version will be located just above this in the GUI.
I’ve not (yet) experienced the issue though to be honest, so cannot really throw light on this odd one.

oops - dumb mistake.
Rockstor is 3.9.1-16

@wdc, one more question, that example user “Kim” you show in the first post, did you create this using the UI, or the command line?
I am pretty sure, if you create it via the command line, Rockstor will not identify it as a “managed” user, but one generated by the system. But if you originally created it using the WebUI, then I’m all out of ideas at this time …


I did create her user from the UI, as well as the Bill user as an admin user (note that I do have the icons for Bill). Keeping in mind that I have about 4 or 5 hours hands-on with Rockstor so the probability is that I did something different between the two (besides the admin part).

I’ll come back to it and test again later. For now, I’m going to push on with getting this ready for “at home prod” - moving 1TB of files now on ntfs (that seems to work), setting up security the way we want it, adding a SSD boot drive to the old beast, etc.

And then may come rockons…


Sounds good and as @GeoffA always says (since that’s his “middle name”), don’t forget about backups :slight_smile:


I couldn’t possibly comment… :slight_smile:

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I unfortunately couldn’t reproduce the issue in Rockstor-4.0.6, as has already been described above. I did, however, find a quirk in our group creation logic that ignored the setting guiding whether the newly created group should be placed under Rockstor management. As a result, thanks a lot for your report, @wdc! As a community project, Rockstor does depend on such reports to improve so thank you again for reporting back… even if it was not directly related in this case! The related Github issue can be found below:

If you are still setting up your Rockstor installation, you might be interested in our newer Rockstor 4. While we do not have yet a downloadable ISO, we do have easy-to-follow instructions on how to buid your own installer that many have successfully used so far. If you’re interested, you can have a look at the corresponding post below:

Thanks again!


Thank you, @Flox.

I’m making good progress in my understanding of Rockstor (despite being limited to 1/2 - an hour a day this week). I’m going to make another post concerning RAID5 but otherwise, I’ll likely be converting my shares from Windows to CentOS/Rockstor this weekend, assuming a good WAF.

I’ll test creating another user or two after I go to ‘prod’.

Resolved (or at least, not reproduceable). I retried by creating the new group under RS control and I can create & delete users in this group at will, whether or not they are admin users.