Deleting snapshots breaks rock-ons?

Hey guys, love rockstor, and appreciate all the features the developers put in. I noticed rocks-ons take a ton of snapshots. After deleting the snapshots, it seems to break the rock-ons. Is this by design or a bug? If I delete the snapshots, it totally breaks all the rock-ons I’ve installed. I have to re-create a new rock-ons share to fix.

I like managing my own snapshots. I wish there was a way to disable the auto-snapshots on the rock-ons, or have it not break all the rock-ons when deleting the snapshots. Does anyone know if there is an option for this? Thanks!


Actually it’s not a rockstor that is doing that. Docker wlll create those snapshots to more efficiently manage storage … at the end of the day all docker images are thin provisioned and docker managment of this data being shifted left and right is borderline of black magic = give rockon (docker) snapshots a wide berth.

Those snapshots are made visible for if you would like to destroy your rockon and remove all data (including snapshots) and start really fresh.

Thanks for the reply explaining the rock-on / docker snapshot sub-system! I’ll give it extra space like you recommend, and just ignore it. Thanks again!

Actually you don’t have to give it extra space at all !! :slight_smile: the indicator in the main window is broken and on specifically rockon volume can lye to you on it’s size (work is done to fix it), but if you use in console “btrfs fi us /mnt2/name_of_your_pool” you will see that there is no data used by this volume at all.

So bottom line is that this snapshots for thin provisioning will show up as rather big but realistically if no snapshots were used the data saving would be of tens of megabyte … and performance penalty would be wast.