Demo site?

Have you guys thought about setting up a demo site? Several other Open Source projects that I follow have gone down this route and it works great for showcasing functionality without having to download a Lively or install disk.
Something like a VM with a number of small virtual disks that people could play around with and test stuff out. Reset the VM back to snapshot every day to make sure it doesn’t get completely messed up.
Just a thought.

Having actually found the demo site (I blame lack of sleep over the last few days), can I suggest keeping it up to date with the latest released version?  It appears to be running 3.0-6, with your latest release being 3.6-4

Figured out why I didn’t notice the Demo site earlier.  I was browsing on a mobile device, which rendered the screen badly.  The rendered page cannot be manipulated to show the Demo site button, or the download button. I don’t want to download the ISO on my phone, but accessing the demo site might be nice?

Hi duncaninnes! Welcome to the Rockstor community.

We are working website updates and hopefully things will get smoother on mobile browsers.

Regarding demo site, it does bother me that we don’t have the latest up. But thanks for point it out. We’ll get to it soon.

Hi - any chance to get the demo site updated?

It is on our list of things. I am curious, how will a up to date demo help you particularly?

It will let new/potential users try out the latest features of Rockstor. Demoing the feature set from a year ago isn’t great advertising.
Perhaps the building of the demo site could be automated so that it creates a fresh instance of the site with each release? I know some projects rebuild (most likely reverting to a snapshot) their demo sites to ensure a good clean data set every day, then keep the site patched up as much as possible. Certainly the snapshots are regenerated when major releases come around.

You have a very good point :slight_smile: Regarding our lack of interest in advertising – guilty as charged.

Thanks for ideas around how to keep demo current. I am convinced we should have a dynamic demo. Let me think about the best way to implement this.