Deprecating stale/dead Rockons - Feedback from Rockstor community requested (updated)

I have opened a few issues on github regarding stale or dead Rockons (underlying docker images). Since not everybody is roaming github, I wanted to pose the question here in the Rockstor community and get some suggestions.

Subsonic - the underlying container has not been updated in 5 years, the latest version for subsonic is 6.1.6, but it also seems to be somewhat deprecated from an open source perspective ( The suggestion is remove this item and get a replacement using airsonic-advanced (since airsonic is now history as well). Referenced issues are here: and

haproxy-letsencrypt - for this the underlying container doesn’t exist at all anymore, so it will be removed. Is there still interest in having a Rockon that combines these options? Referenced issue is here:

Mylar - mylar is not being maintained anymore and mylar3 is now the new go-to. Is there interest to build a replacement with the Mylar3 version? Referenced issue is here:

owncloud - both Rockons using the same underlying deprecated image need to be renewed with the official image. Any users out there, that are interested in giving a new version a go (or if they are already using it, sharing their Rockon or container setup so it could be used as a blueprint? Reference issue is here:

Postgres - we have two version published (9.5 and 10.6) which behave fairly differently for some past use cases from the community. the official images have not been updated in quite some time, so there is a question whether these should be removed and possibly a much more recent version of the Postgres db offered. Referenced issue is here:

seafile - plan is to remove the now obsolete seafile6 version, since there is already a newer seafile 7+ Rockon out there. Referenced issue is here:

Xeoma - the underlying image has not been updated in 2 years. Anybody in the community still using this Rockon? Is it worthwhile to update this with a newer image? Referenced issue is here:

Zoneminder - the underlying image has a deprecation notice, so this Rockon will probably be removed shortly as well. Is there interest in creating an updated version of this Rockon at this time? Referenced issue is here:

Update June 6th, 2022 - it seems the more recent versions of have additional requirements that the current Rockon doesn’t fulfill. Is there interest in creating an updated version as the current one is non-functional based on some feedback? Referenced issue is here:

So, in short, if there are users of the above Rockons out there, that are interested in continuing these Rockons, now is the time to speak up :). In order to have meaningful Rockons available, it makes sense to get rid of unused ones, and of course, remove or update the ones where the underlying docker containers are dead or unmaintained.


Quick update: Mylar has now been deprecated and Mylar3 is available in its place in the Rockon list.

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haproxy and seafile 6 have now been removed