Dev log for 3.8-14

Hello all! We just released 3.8-13.08.

The last commit of this release is 58ee139. Three issues were closed, each of which fixes and improves the UI a little bit. Thanks @ganti_priya and @Flyer for your contributions!

Almost forgot to reply here, 3.8-13.09(5213dd5) was released last night (pacific time).

@phillxnet fixed a Rock-on metadata update bug, @ganti_priya fixed a replication related UI bug and @Flyer fixed a dashboard bug. Thanks for your contributions. pleasure to merge them!

Happy sunday folks! 3.8-13.10(ca1d9b5) is now available.

A total of three issues were merged. Two of them are UI improvements, something @ganti_priya has been methodically working on. Third is an improvement to AD configuration by @ScarabMonkey. Way to go about fixing issues you use and care about! pleasure to merge them.

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I am happy to announce that 3.8-13.11(ec65d1c) is now available.

I’ve merged three pull requests in this update. @Flyer’s Logs Manager is the big one. It’s a really cool feature and I encourage everyone to use it and provide your feedback. Thank you @Flyer for sticking with it and doing an impressive job!

@phillxnet made an important improvement to disk state management. We can now store generic auxiliary information and assign roles to HDDs, paving way for features like backup disks etc…

@ganti_priya fixed a replication related UI bug. Happy to merge three pull requests from three different contributors, making this update special! Thank you!

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Happy Sunday! 3.8-13.12(b0ca110) is now available!

We closed two issues in this update. I fixed a small annoyance while configuring SNMP by making the dependency pre installed. @ganti_priya made yet another much appreciated UI improvement.

I’ve also changed the testing updates repo location – Thanks to our increasing number of active users, the hosting charges are getting a bit too expensive. A good problem to have :), but gratipay anybody?

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Hello Everyone! 3.8-13.13(41dd23b) is now available.

I merged three pull requests in this update, all of them are essentially bug fixes and improvements to existing features. Thank you @phillxnet @Flyer and @ganti_priya for your contributions!

Hello Everyone, sorry to be slacking a bit since the last update, I’ve been extra busy. But the good news is 3.8-13.14 (fdbd093) is now available!

I’ve merged two pull requests in this update, both by @Flyer. One is a neat fix to the network widget regression put in place by yours truly. Second is an improvement to the users screen of the UI. Thanks @Flyer, your contributions are greatly appreciated!

We’ve been testing 4.6 kernel for couple of weeks now and it’s been going on pretty well without any issues. There are many BTRFS changes which we should all be grateful for. I’ve added it to our testing repo, but it’s not yet default. I think it will be in the next update. If you like to get it in the meantime, update your kernel-ml package.

3.8-13.15 (709afea) is now available!

We’ve fixed three issues in this update. I’ve changed the support flow so that users on Testing updates are directed to this topic template to report a bug or ask for help. Users on Stable channel, on the other hand, are routed to our commercial support portal. I’ve been managing support via e-mail and it has gotten out of hand lately. I hope this new flow proves to be manageable for the team and better for the community over all.

We have a new contributor in this update. bskrtich. He contributed an enhancement to single profile Pool. We can now add and remove drives from a single Pool. Thank you and welcome!

@Flyer contributed a pull request fixing a security bug in the samba user workflow. Gratzi!

Finally, we are also rolling out 4.6 kernel with this update. I think we are approaching the stable update release, just a few more small fixes away!

I see you updated the kernel to 4.6.

What about btrfs-progs? My system still says 4.4.1.

There seems to be a lot of changes to 4.5.x, some could possibly be beneficial for Rockstor?


I did a Yum update, and it upgraded btrfs-progs to 4.6 with seemingly no ill effects.

@KarstenV Yes it seem there was a small time window shortly after 3.8-13.15 was released where btrfs-progs 4.6.0 from the Rockstor-testing repo wasn’t picked up. But on systems updated a little later on it looks to be updating fine. Thanks for reporting and providing the work around for those affected.

On a system affected here that was updated immediately after 3.8-13.15 became available I simply did:

 yum update btrfs-progs

and the btrfs-progs 4.6.0 update was then picked up and installed.

Thanks for jumping in Phil. Yes, btrfs-progs 4.6 was also rolled out yesterday and it’s got many fixes thanks to BTRFS community!

Hello everyone, 3.8-13.17 (17ae428) is now available!

Two issues are fixed in this update. I fixed a small annoying bug in network management and made the appliance UUID persistent across multiple installs. With the new kernel and updated btrfs-progs from the last update, I hope things are working well for you all. Please report if there are any issues. Thanks to @ganti_priya’s testing, everything seems to be functional.

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