Reporting new Issues with 3.8.13

Just updated and from performing the updated here are the issues I ran into

This is list of the item in case anyone else experiences these

Installation menu is defaulted to Install Rockstor, when this is used the system does not install rockstor with dtrfs file system for home or root
Install system using the test media and install menu option and system installed just fine

During the install process any time a window is presented with the quit button it takes completely out of the install, this is very annoying and should be resolved. Depending on the windows and situation at a minimum it should return to the previous window.

After the install I am now missing my network widget data I have the drop down box for them and can select each one but I get no graphs or charts, this was working in 3.8.12 and below for my hardware.

All other widgets are working as before

Attempted to turn on rock-ons and am getting some issues with being able to get out to the rock-on metastore Still working on this as it seems to be related to network configuration of the docker network connection.

Hope this helps anyone who may be installed 3.8.13

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@kcomer Thanks for this report, I haven’t (yet) run into the install issue re non btrfs when using the defaults but that’s definitely one to keep an eye on. The installer is pretty much taken directly from upstream CentOS and configured via kickstart, at least that is my understanding; haven’t gotten a closer look yet I’m afraid.

Yes this was noticed late on and an issue has been opened Broken network widget in dashboard (3.8-12.13) seems to have resulted from recent network changes but at least we have teaming / bonding now so hopefully that counts as 2 steps forward and a half step back :slight_smile:.

@kcomer Just a quick update on the Network Widget failure issue referenced previously in this thread and duplicates there of.

Thanks to @Flyer the network widget is fixed as from Rockstor version 3.8-13.14 testing channel.

Well done @Flyer.

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Thanks @phillxnet :slight_smile: