Dev log for 3.8.16

Hello Everyone,

3.8.15-11 is out! Finally I finished upgrading django from 1.6 to 1.8. This has been a thorny issue and gets worse as we wait more. But happy to have accomplished this so I can work on other issues :slight_smile:

This update also comes with an enhancement to the socket server. Thank you @Flyer!

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3.8.15-12 is now available! We are ramping up for 3.8.16 so we are in final regression fixes and testing phase. In this update, three such regressions were fixed – a pool creation bug, pool deletion bug and a samba config bug. We may have a few more to go.

Changes in this update are contributed by @phillxnet, @Flyer and myself. Thank you for coming up with these fixes swiftly!

Apart from these regression fixes, @phillxnet also fixed incorrect space calculation bug on disk removal.

@suman Does this 3.8.15-12 release not also include the pr for issue #1553 ? Or is that slated for next release? I saw your pool deletion bug fix and improvements to my django commit go in at around the same time.

It does, thanks for bringing it up. Still waking up here…sorry. I’ve just edited my previous post.



3.8.15-13 is now available! We closed two issues, both bugfixes in the UI and important ones too. Thank you @ganti_priya and @Flyer for contributing these fixes. Also included are some changes from my side, mostly cosmetic and other maintainer-y stuff.

Please test and report back and issues as we are getting close to 3.8.16!


Happy Saturday all! We just released 3.8.15-14 with two important fixes. These are regressions triggered by our recent django update(3.8.15-11) but thanks to our awesome community(@Mahmoud87 and @ganti_priya) , we fixed them quickly.

This update is brought to you by contributions from myself and @Flyer . Keep rocking dude!


Great work @suman really super quick guys. I love your work, well done all :+1:

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Happy weekend everyone! We have another update, 3.8.15-15 brought to you by @Flyer’s contributions. It includes two enhancements to the UI using DataTables. We are in the final testing phase and this may very well be the last testing update of this cycle. Please test away and report any problems you encounter. Thank you!

3.8.15-16 is now available! Looks like upstream released a bunch of new udpates, so this update process may take a while.

We closed one important and perhaps last issue of this cycle, kindly contributed by @Flyer. Thank you!

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