Dev log for 3.9.0

Every time i update the rockons service will be turned off after update is complete.
I found that reboot is the best way to get everything up and running nicely. Is this what is expected if so should there not be a prompt showing that reboot is required once the update process is complete or is it a bug?

Hi @Fredrik,
there’s an open issue on Github about Rockstor updates and it’s on Pinnacles (Rockstor 3.9) road :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

Looks like some users ran into issues with 3.8.16-11. I have not been able to reproduce the problem on my side. Our systems here have updated without any db migration issue. But we are looking into possible bugs and while we do that, I don’t see a reason to stop further updates. So, 3.8.16-12 is now released!

Two issues are closed in this update, one is a bug fix in config restore and the other a UI fix also having to do with samba config management. Both are contributed by @Flyer. Thank you @Flyer!

Hello Community!

3.8.16-13 is now available. I found a bug in the way we are applying migrations and fixed it. This is a painful one that I am glad to have caught before this update. It doesn’t however explain the db issues a few users complained with last update. @Flyer contributed a big change in which our frontend stack is now tidy and style compliant. @phillxnet fixed a input validation bug in our recently added disk role management system. Update away!

3.8.16-14 is now released! We closed two issues, both UX bug fixes. Please update away!

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Hello guys and gals, 3.8.16-15 is now released! We closed 3 issues in this update. @Flyer fixed a UI bug and a backend bug in initrock. I fixed a django update related regression in replication. Also, I’ve updated our docker packages to 1.13.1.

3.8.16-16 is now released! Two issues were fixed. @Flyer updated fontawesome library we use for various icons on the UI. I fixed a bug where rock-ons were being turned off after a software update. Please test away!