Dev log for upcoming 3.8-10

Thanks to @phillxnet for bugfixes and @KarstenV, @roweryan and others for dealing with the annoying bugs related to rockstor-bootstrap with the last update. We just rolled out 3.8-9.07 testing update.

We are mostly in the testing period right now as I like to release 3.8-10 stable update soon. Having said that, it may take a few more days. We may not be totally out of the woods with some auth token related issue that was causing bootstrap service to not always start as expected. Plus there is more replication related work left. And perhaps one or two hot fixes.

So here’s the log for this update


I am happy to announce that 3.8-9.08 is out. This update concluded all the necessary changes I’ve wanted to(and some I had to) make to the replication feature. I made it robust against most, if not all, potential network related failures. Documentation and UI polishing will follow soon, but I don’t want to delay the stable release as functionally speaking, replication is working pretty good. We’ve also made some UI changes that I am sure we’ll all welcome.

We’ve also been able to rc-test quite a bit and have a small list of things to address before releasing 3.8-10. I hope to make the release no later than this weekend, hopefully sooner. I don’t think anyone tinkered with replication in the last few updates. I’d be thrilled if you do now :slight_smile:

Log for 3.8-9.08

3.8-9.08 broke my web GUI, I get ’ Unknown client error doing a GET to /api/dashboardconfig/ ’ now. I updated from 3.8-9.06.

Looks like it for some reason add extra /'s in url’s like: Manually typing fixes it.

@hms Thanks for reporting this. Are you able to reproduce the error? Can you list the steps?

OK, just pushed 3.8-9.09. We haven’t found any serious problems in testing so far, but fixed a few minor things. Here’s what’s new in this very minor update.

It seems to be working now, looks like firefox wasn’t properly refreshing the page and added something extra in urls. After some more CTRL-SHIFT-R it finally sorted itself.