Dev log for upcoming 3.8-11 [Latest: 3.8-10.18]

3.8-10.15 is now available. This is a big one, for a testing update. @ganti_priya submitted a large pull request revamping our dinosaur-era underscore templates with handlebars.js. For developers, this translates to more readable and maintainable code. For users, it means a bit more efficient and robust UI. I am pretty thrilled we got this done finally as it’s been on the list forever and the tech debt kept growing.

Additionally, we managed to improve Rock-ons some more. Plus, I’ve added JenkinsCI. Along with Discourse from the last update, I am happy to share such Rock-ons that we use in production here!

We are pretty close to 3.8-11 now. We are mostly testing now. I’d say no more than 1-2 testing updates.

I am seing a very nice speedup in the user interface. A definite improvment.

Nice job.

I do think I found an error.

Again it has to do with the Plex Rock-on.

First I must say: Plex is running, I can stream files from it. It sees my media share.

But I do get this:

Where the interface does not show the share.

When I click to add a share (Add storage), I get this:

Notice the code that is visible.

If I click storage (to add a share) I get this:

I am actually unable to add a share to my plex server.

Good thing that the old one is still working :slight_smile:

Thanks @KarstenV, looks like we missed a template there. Should be cleaned up shortly.

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Another day, another testing update… 3.8-10.16 is now available. As we get closer to the stable release, the changes in this update are mainly regression fixes and hardening, cleanup stuff in general. A good and quick update, nevertheless. Here’s the log

Should be fixed in 3.8-10.16 @KarstenV. Give it another try!

Its not completely fixed.

I don’t see the code any longer, and I am able to ad shares / map them.

But the share I allready mapped is not visible in the UI.

The share is accesible though:

And works in plex as well (Plex is setup for my native language):

So there is still a bug somewhere in the plex settings panel.

We have another testing update, thanks to contributions from @phillxnet and @mchakravartula. 3.8-10.17 is now available.

Important fixes and improvements to NUT, S.M.A.R.T and Access key management. Best part about this update? I did not write a single line of code :slightly_smiling:

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I don’t understand this part. What’s the name of the Share? Shares are not mounted under /media. So, if you are referring to /media/plex being the Share, it is not correct. Or am I missing something here?

3.8-10.18 is now available. This may very well be the last Testing update in this cycle. We can expect the Stable release as quickly as tomorrow.

I am wrapping up improvements to Rock-Ons for this cycle with this update. There are some UI related changes that I wished to have included in this cycle, but due to UI template overhaul, I’ve decided to tackle them in the .12 cycle. Thanks to @phillxnet 's contributions, a couple more issues got resolved. The most exciting news of this update, however, is that we have a new contributor! Thanks Mazo!

The share is my media share on my btrfs pool.

To make it accesible I used the Add Storage function available in settings for the plex rock-on (I have put in the values I choose, as an example).

This, I believe, maps a share to /media/plex on my root drive pointing toward the share on my BTRFS pool.

Earlier this share mapping was visible from within the plex settings, but it isn’t anymore.

Hope this clears things up.

3.8-11 is now released! Announcing Rockstor 3.8-11