Dev log for upcoming 3.8-12 [Latest: 3.8-11.18]

I’ve been burdened a bit by support overhead last few days, but the good side of it is that we learned some new things and can deal with upstream changes and kernel updates a bit better going forward.

I did manage to close out an important issue that fixes Share and Pool usage reporting on the UI. That’s what’s in this new update – 3.8-11.03 now available!

Two more issues are closed and we just released 3.8-11.05!

OS pool name was static before(rockstor_rockstor) which was tripping up some reinstalls or concurrent installs on different boot drives. Now it’s dynamic and reflects the name set during install. We also tightened up rockstor-pre service to not fail after “soft” errors, so the UI doesn’t go dark due to less serious errors.

3.8-11.06 is out everybody! Thanks to @bkelly for reporting the nginx issue triggered by ip changes. It’s now fixed. @phillxnet improved the display of root disk attributed.

It’s been a bit slower development pace last few days, I spent way too much time than I wished on fixing up AD integration issues. Thanks to users for reporting issues and @JBelthoff especially for providing deeper insights into a winbind based setup. Some of you are aware, I am sure, that Rockstor uses the newer SSS based approach summarized here. I almost gave in and went back to winbind, but I was able to fill in some gaps and everything seems to be working in my environment with 2012 R2 AD server.

So, 3.8-11.07 is now out and I’d greatly appreciate test results and feedback from AD users. Documentation on AD config is not updated yet, but it’s pretty self explanatory with tooltips etc…

In addition to AD related changes, we also made a small UI improvement listed below.

We’ve closed a couple more issues and just released 3.8-11.08. Nice little UI enhancements and a bit of backend improvement thanks to @mchakravartula and @ganti_priya for their pull requests. Please test away!

3.8-11.09 is now available! We closed two more issues in this update that I am sure you’ll all appreciate. Oh and thanks for @phillxnet for one of the pull requests with improvements to disk scanning logic.

Just a question.

The last few updates I have had the Samba and the Rockons system services being diabled during update, so that I have to enable them manually after each update.

Is this pr. design?

Hello everyone. A new testing update, 3.8-11.10 is now available. I merged two pull requests, one is part-2 of #988 and the other improves the update feature of Rock-ons.

Keep your feedback, bugreports and test results coming, much appreciated!

Two more issues and we have 3.8-11.11. Please test away!

Two pull requests were merged for this one. A neat and pretty involved improvement to disk management from @phillxnet and a nice UI improvment from @gkadillak, good to see you back bud!

3.8-11.12 is now available! Rock-ons restart mechanism is improved and we closed a minor UI bug in group creation. Enjoy!

3.8-11.15 is now available! This is a special one where we fixed two issues that have been painful to many users.

  1. AD integration has been broken in a few different ways with our sssd approach. It looks great in theory and I am open to bringing it back again, but many users ran into issues including Rockstor dropping off the domain, id mapping issues and windows ACLs. So, we are bringing back the winbind approach. We’ve tested it quite a bit and encourage everyone to do the same.

  2. It has been painful to start over with a new rock-on root share because you can’t delete the current rock-on root share from the ui. Now you can! a minor step forward with rock-ons. many more to come.

We just released 3.8-11.16 and I think we are getting pretty close to the next stable update. please test away!