Dev log for upcoming 3.8-13

@suman Tested on a few different systems / configs here and fake serial seems to be functioning as expected.

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3.8-12.07 is now available!

I made a couple of Rock-on related improvements in this update. Thanks to @pdenhaan for reporting this issue. I’ve also cleared some backlog with Rock-on submissions from @joshi, @bug11 @henfri and @pdenhaan. Great to see these submissions. Please keep them coming! and thank you!

Hello everybody,

is there any overview regarding new features and improvements for the next version 3.8-13?
Any possible release date which can be shared already? :slight_smile:

Sorry for asking, but I was not able to find any related information in the forum so far.

Thanks / regards,

If you want to get an idea follow on github to see what’s going on :wink:
Rockstor on GitHub


Hi @glenngould, I’d love to bring more predictability with the timing and scope of releases and we are steadily becoming capable of doing so, thanks to support from our subscribers and customers. It will take some more time and $ to reach that point.

Historically speaking, we released a stable update roughly every 4-6 weeks. This release cycle is the slowest till date, but I am planning to close it out within a week. It may be a lighter update in terms of number of issues closed, but there’s enough good/important stuff that doesn’t justify waiting much longer.

That’s the best non-answer answer I can provide :slight_smile: Please stay tuned and thanks for your question!

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Hello Everyone. 3.8-12.08 is now available!

We’ve closed a few UI related issues that others in our community have kindly reported. Thanks to @ganti_priya and @Flyer for code contributions.

Hi there! 3.8-12.09 is now available. Please test away!

There are two issues fixed in this update. One is a small Rock-on related improvement. The other is an improvement to the way we unmount various resources during pool/share/snapshot deletions.

I’ve been working on adding teaming support(and possibly bonding) which is about 60%, so planning to wrap that up this week. There are a few other important but small(thankfully) issues that are also in the pipeline for this week and hopefully we can all have the stable update towards the end of this week!

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3.8-12.10 is now available!

We’ve closed to issues, thanks for contributions from @Flyer and @ganti_priya! you both rock!
First is a bugfix to sorting behaviour on System → Services page and Second is improvement to handlebar templating in Samba export management.

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Another day, another update… 3.8-12.11 is now available. Please test!

We closed two issues. @Flyer added smtp auth support to our e-mail notification setup as requested by some of you. Second, I fixed a bug in Rock-on profile update. Thanks to @pdenhaan for reporting it and pretty much giving away the fix. We’ve got a great community going, happy friday everybody!

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3.8-12.13 is now available!

I merged support for Network Teaming and Bonding that has been under construction for some time. That makes this update into a big one! Thanks to @ganti_priya for UI contributions. I am happy with the design and various teaming profiles and bonding modes are functioning as expected. But I am hoping that everyone in the community that asked for these features will test it thoroughly and report back any issues. In the process of adding Teaming/Bonding support, we’ve also improved how network related dependencies are handled. For example, a nice side effect is that you can now restrict Rockstor management on a designated connection/ip and port.

We also have a new contributor in this update which is always a reason to celebrate. Thanks @ScarabMonkey!

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